Origins of Our Service


ABBCON was founded in 1996 by William A. Epperson.  After some years in the military, being a nuclear engineer, and late life college, Bill, a lifelong student of human nature used his philsophies, observations, and big personality to open the first ABBCON in Charleston, Illinois.  Based on the effectiveness of Bill's methods, his rapport with clients, and his tough love attitude, ABBCON has continued to grow.  Bill coined our philosophy of "Root Cause Analysis and Demand Reduction Strategies".  He retired in 2001 and lives in Tennessee with his wife of 50+ years, Debbie, and their three furry babies.  

Ashley Epperson, BS, CADC Owner & Director


Ashley is Bill and Debbie's youngest daughter and started with ABBCON in 1999 as Bill's assistant, then took the reigns in 2001 when Bill retired.  While counseling for 20 years, Ashley designed the system of service delivery at ABBCON based on her experience in Education and studying what works and what doesn't.  Her sincere desire for customer satisfaction has continued to serve ABBCON clients well.  She has a tough love approach to the clients and the staff because she believes in and expects the best of everyone.  She lives in Charleston with her son Alex.

Amy M. Hughes, MS, LPC Senior Counselor


Amy has been with ABBCON since 2007.  Amy has the patience of a saint (SERIOUSLY!) and is one of the kindest, most sincere, and caring individuals you will ever meet.  Amy is highly dedicated and there is no shortage of laughter in her sessions with clients.  Amy works very closely and individually with each of her clients, encouraging them in every session to reach their full potential.  She lives in Charleston with her husband Matt.  

Greg Ridenhour, MA, CADC Counselor


Greg and his service dog, Onyx, joined ABBCON in 2016.  Greg is an licensed minister and is one of the most relaxed and mellow individuals you will ever meet.  His calm and supportive energy help his clients steadily navigate the bumps in the road of recovery. He also goes above and beyond for his clients,  always willing to make himself available to meet their needs.  Greg lives in Mattoon with his wife Tina.

Alexander Loy, Student Office Assistant


Alex is Ashley's son and has spent most of his life in the office with Mom and Grandpa Bill.  Alex helps with anything and everything we need.  Alex's morals, values, ethics, and emotional intelligence are exceptional at his age.  He is also a student of human nature and considers it his mission to learn all he can to better serve the clients of ABBCON.  He will graduate in 2019 and will be attending Ball State University in the Fall.