What makes ABBCON unique?

Our philosophy of "Root Cause Analysis and Demand Reduction Strategies" regarding substance related issues is what makes us different.  At ABBCON, we believe people misuse, abuse, or become dependent on substances because something is "not quite right" in their lives.  When we figure out what needs fixing, (The Root Cause) and address those issues appropriately, the desire to use substances problematically decreases.  (Demand Reduction).  This philosophy makes us unique among the majority of substance abuse treatment providers.  We do not require abstinence or 12 step support for our clients, but rather emphasize personal accountability, introspection, self evaluation, consideration for loved ones, life skill development, realism, and goal setting.  If you use and apply what we teach, YOU WILL BE HAPPIER and you will drink and use less! When people use substances responsibly (or not at all), life is good!  Not only because of responsible use, but because they like their life!  They are happy, satisfied, comfortable, have love, give love, are challenged, feel appreciated, have goals, take care of their responsibilities, and have many things they do for fun.

What if I only want to do what the court said I have to do?

That's fine!  95% of our clients are court ordered.  We know they don't want to come see us.  We also know you have a choice of where you want to complete the court ordered services.  There are places that are cheaper, but remember, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.  So,  if you can go somewhere where they really care about the quality of service, really care about the well-being of clients, really care that your individual needs are met, really want to make your experience positive, and will make accommodations for your work and family demands,  WHY WOULDN'T YOU GO?


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ABBCON Counseling Corporation: Charleston Office

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ABBCON Counseling Corporation: Tuscola Office

107 West South Central Avenue 

Tuscola, IL 61953

Telephone: (217)-345-3156 (Same as Charleston)

Fax #: 253-3009

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