When asked about Counseling at ABBCON, clients responded:

"Greg seems to actually care about the people in this program and he is knowledgeable."

"I wouldn't have any suggestions for the group, or for my Counselor Amy. I think its wonderful what they do for others, I have learned a lot from them, and how to pursue my sobriety in the future i really like it here."

"Amy was excellent!"

"Really enjoyed the group criteria and the different aspects of educating us clients. I felt comfortable here at all times and was able to relate with not only the counselor but with other clients as well. No improvements necessary, I believe a high standard of excellence is portrayed here at ABBCON and I would recommend this agency to others."

"Groups were very engaging, and the atmosphere was always comfortable and inviting."

"I really felt comfortable in group, relating with others that were in my situation, or they have been."

"I think the groups were very open and it helped that my counselor would have everyone participate. I never felt judged or as if I was a horrible person. I felt the intent of the class was sincere.  To help each of us through our personal struggles."

"I enjoyed groups and thought it was helpful for us to share and get our stories out to other people."

"Groups were enjoyable and fun I felt people learned from others as well as the counselor."

"Group activities were fun!"