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Customer Feedback




"This was by far the best A/D counseling I've ever had"

"All of the ladies at ABBCON are passionate about what they do.  They are extremely honest and very trustworthy.  They care about each and every one of their clients."

"Your staff made me feel like I was not the only one.  The fact that you all were relatable made me feel it was okay that I slipped up.  I never... felt like you made me feel...I was beneath you.

ABBCON is much more down to earth with the educational tactics and curriculum.

"Smile and stay just like you are.  It was a pleasure to come and learn from your kind of teaching.  Thank you...:)  I appreciated the  comments left in my folder.  It showed me you cared and made me participate more.  Will miss the fun and interesting things we did in class" 

"I feel so happy and fortunate to have been a part of ABBCON...Amy gave me a truly individual experience and I am extremely grateful towards her.  I learned my motives for my usage.  I learned to not take thing for granted or be ignorant...I quit smoking pot....I met people going through the same personal and legal issues I was...Amy is amazing." 

"Coming to these groups was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The girls were awesome, they treated me as more of a human being than most people take the time to do. They do not simply have the best interests of ABBCON at heart, but rather are amazing at helping others. They were honest, straightforward, and helpful. I do not regret the time I spent here." 

"...Ashley challenged me to be better....I started out in CEAD.  It was horrible and actually made me want to use.  The environment here was stress free and made me feel comfortable.  After I came here, I was more comfortable around people who don't have substance related issues, whereas before I felt like I shouldn't even try because they would never accept an ex substance abuser."

"You guys are doing a great job and I appreciate how you treated me while attending groups.  It has been a good learning experience and I have coped with this situation thanks to ABBCON."

"ABBCON was a great experience for me.  I learned that everyone has issues but how we deal with those issues is what makes us who we are." 

"Great group of people." 

"I think everything was great.  Time felt like it flew through each meeting and each one gave a great lesson or lessons"

"Basically I honestly did learn some things about myself I may have denied or just avoided about my drinking habits.  Defense mechanisms was an eye opener class day.  Overall, ABBCON was not how I thought it would be.  I thought it would drag on and I would be bored out of my mind, but it really didn't.  ....we engaged in activities and talked about a lot of interesting things I never knew before.  It was a good experience."

"Amy was my counselor and she was great!  She made me feel like a good person and helped me understand what I  need to do to be not only better with drinking, but also with life."

"I don't see any room for improvement.  I was only here for 10 hours so I don't know if I got the whole ABBCON experience, but from what I witnessed this place was awesome.  It was a nice place to get away to for a couple of hours.  Don't get me wrong, the lessons weren't the  most amusing at times, but the people in the class and the counselors made up for it.  Thanks."

"The counseling was great.  It was very informative and it helps a lot to talk about my problems."

"I learned responsibility as well as to humble myself.  If it was not for my arrest, I would not have grown into the person I am today.   I would not feel good about myself and others and my smile would not be honest, but rather a mask.  The counselors do a great job getting people back on their feet.  It's good to see that some people actually care and that this is not just a place that takes your money without giving you the help that you really need."

"I think it is a very effective program and am so thankful that I came here."

"...other state run agencies seem to extend treatment to get more funding. ABBCON does not."

"I really enjoyed the four classes I was required to attend. Coming into it, I had expectations of it being a strict, almost judgemental atmosphere. It was the exact opposite! I felt comfortable being here from my evaluation to now at my discharge meeting. The group sessions were interesting, and it was good to be around people being just as honest about their situations as I was in a room full of strangers."

"I have had much needed improvement throughout my journey at ABBCON."

" I enjoyed the classes and really fond them interesting.  I loved the fact that my counselors were  down to earth and made use feel like we weren't the only ones that had issues."

"a great program... i will definitely recommend ABBCON in the future of anyone in need..."

"Before getting arrested, I drank with hardly any understanding of how easy I could get in trouble with it. Not only with the law, but with my health and relationships. Also, I was irresponsible not only with little things like forgetting something as I walk out the door but not waking up for work on time, or paying a bill on time. Now, with all of these legal obligations, I've found myself to have everything I need to done by the due date and done in a timely fashion. And ABBCON did help me with this."

"Getting arrested kicked my ass in gear and got me to enroll in school again to try and better myself."

"don't know other agencies, but staff at ABBCON were great, they seemed dedicated, concerned and relevant"

 "it has helped me to deal with my grief over the death of my husband by other means other then alcohol. It was a wake up call for me and one I definately needed."

"it awakened me to how stupid i was truely being and how much i needed to change in my everyday life"


100% of ABBCON clients who thought improvement was needed said: 

I feel better about myself. 

My family relationships improved

My relationship with my children improved.

I understand myself better.

I understand others better.

My mental health improved.

I surround myself with more positive people.

I think about consequences before I act.

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